At the 3-country Marathon, wearing Joya shoes

Most of us probably prefer to spend our Sunday comfortably on the couch - but not our kybun Joya running team! This team runs, as part of the 3-country half marathon, an easy 21.097 km path – the founders Karl and Claudio wearing Joya shoes!


The 3-country marathon with its various competitions is the largest running event in the region of the Lake Constance. The scenic paths on the lakeshore offer a unique view of the mountain landscape and make the event a real crowd puller. The special thing about it: as the name suggests, the route leads through the so called 3-country corner – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Around 6,000 registrations were received for the run this year, including those of our kybun Joya running team.


Also present: Joya founders Karl Müller and Claudio Minder, who were lightning fast in their Joya Flash models and showed: Joya shoes & half marathon works great! The unique soft-elastic sole absorbs impacts on the heel, ankle and knee joint, thereby protecting bones and joints. This ensures soothing comfort, especially when running on asphalt paths – accelerating made easy!


But even with the best shoes, a half marathon does not run by itself: it requires self-confidence, good preparation and a large portion of team spirit to overcome emerging mental hurdles and master the finish line. So, you see, with a common goal in mind, no distance is too far and with the right shoes everything is possible. It goes without saying that we will definitely be back next year with our kybun Joya team!


In case you are caught by the running fever now, we are going to give you a few tips for buying your next active shoes:

When it comes to fit - it's important that your new shoes fit perfectly. Your feet shouldn’t feel constricted and shouldn’t have too much room on the sides. The footwear should give you a feeling of stability and security and they should feel good. The strong cushioning properties of the Joya Active sole technology can make it easier for beginners as well as for people with existing ailments. Who knows, maybe we will meet at the next running event...



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