The Joya Way - Our management concept for a successful business

Based on our experience of the last 12 years as young entrepreneurs, we have developed our new management concept. With The Joya Way we promise ourselves stability and continuity in the daily business with simultaneous, increasing innovative strength.

Karl Müller and Claudio Minder, Founder Joya

Wondering how this is possible? Just watch the video:

Claudio Minder and Karl Müller, Founder Joya

The book to the management concept: The Joya Way

„I am impressed with their courage and independent spirit. This book hits the apple on the head.“

Wilhelm Tell

Success. Black money. Theft of millions. Models in the red light milieu...

What sounds like the latest Netflix thriller is a collection of short stories that trace the ups and downs of Joya Shoes. Karl Müller and Claudio Minder tell with wit and charm about their experiences as young entrepreneurs: daring bets, intercultural conflicts, crazy marketing moves and a friendship that survives it all.

Walking with joy. Stumble with poise. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a stressed-out student, or a health-shoe-wearing grandma, this book promises adrenaline and inspiration for all! You can download a reading sample (PDF format) here.

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Paperback German. 224 pages. Author: Jyoti Guptara.

The Joya Way - Karl Müller and Claudio Minder as keynote speakers

Key note speaker Claudio Minder and Karl Müller

The young Swiss entrepreneurs Karl Müller and Claudio Minder founded the Joya brand in 2008. The goal from the beginning was: to enable people to move again without pain! In the meantime, more than 10 years have passed, much has been learned and courageously defied any challenges!

They have now recorded their knowledge and existence in their book "The Joya Way". Take your chance and book these two gentlemen in the form of a Keynote speaker or impulse lecture and also be inspired live on various topics!

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