Second Life – helping people in need together

Every year, thousands of shoes end up in the trash. But what has become outdated for us, can still please some people who can’t afford shoes at normal prices, and even put a smile on their faces.


This is why the kybun Joya project "Second Life" was created - used kybun and Joya shoes are collected, refurbished and donated to people in need. Together with our partner organizations, the shoes are distributed directly to destitute people at national and international locations.

Shoes that are no longer usable are professionally dismantled in order to recycle or properly dispose the material.


Packing the shoe donations: Claudio Minder, Karl Müller and Jason Manzala



Give your old, worn Joya shoes a second life!

Do you have kybun or Joya shoes at home that are outdated and no longer seem wearable to you? Then join us - donate your discarded shoes to Second Life by mailing them or dropping them in one of our donation boxes. Let's collectively contribute to social and environmental sustainability! Visit the Second Life homepage for more details.




 Our donation partners: