A wild entrepreneurial story!

Claudio Minder and Karl Müller in conversation with Ruedi Josuran on SRF! You can already watch the show's trailer here.


An exciting and dazzling life full of success, black money, million-dollar thefts, and models in the red-light district – could there be a more thrilling story? In the show "Fenster zum Sonntag" on June 17th and 18th on SRF, the two young entrepreneurs, Karl Müller and Claudio Minder, share their incredible journey towards founding a successful shoe company.

Go ahead and mark the broadcast times in your calendar now:

SA 17. Juni 2023                SO 18. Juni 2023       

16.40 Uhr auf               10.25 Uhr auf        
18.30 Uhr auf     17.45 Uhr auf  


The show unveils the ups and downs that Karl Müller and Claudio Minder have experienced on their journey. They share daring bets, intercultural conflicts, and crazy marketing strategies they undertook to propel their company forward. But at the heart of their narrative is their unique friendship, which defies all challenges and keeps them united throughout!